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An Insight into Contract Staffing

In recent times, the surge in demand for contract staffing services has positioned it as a valuable tool for diverse businesses. As a strategic response to labor shortages, this approach has gained widespread adoption in leading industries worldwide. But Organizations face challenges in effectively managing contract staffing.

How can you address these challenges?

By choosing us! We are committed to meeting your diverse requirements and crafting flexible, scalable solutions as needed. As your partner in contract staffing, we will assist in addressing your temporary manpower needs by assembling a diverse and skilled team.

G&S: Your trusted partner in contract staffing

Our Approach


Identifying and Shortlisting

Our team uses advanced technology and industry knowledge to find candidates with the right skills and a fit for your company.


Customized, Scalable Solutions

We tailor customized, scalable solutions that evolve with your business, offering ongoing support as you grow


Quality Candidates Access

Our vast network of skilled professionals, coupled with meticulous screening, ensures top-tier candidate onboarding.


Onboarding Process

Our onboarding process ensures seamless integration, providing new employees with the tools and information needed on day one to excel.


Payroll Process and Compliance

We handle everything from seamless payroll management to onboarding efficiency, freeing our clients to focus on their core business activities.


Handling Clients' Queries

We prioritize transparent communication with clients. Our responsive support team is always ready to address queries, provide updates, and offer solutions to challenges.

Right candidate selection for your business's success.

Why Choose Us?

We provide a diverse pool of skilled professionals with sector-specific expertise to deliver exceptional results.
From short-term projects to long-term partnerships, our contracts are tailored to meet your specific requirements, ensuring you receive the support you need.
Our streamlined procedures ensure that your business experiences a smooth transition into the outsourcing model, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency.
Simplify your experience with a dedicated single point of contact, ensuring clear communication, and quick issue resolution tailored to your needs.
With a vast database of professionals, you have the luxury of selecting individuals with the right skills and cultural fit for your organization.
With a history of successful collaborations and satisfied clients, we have earned a reputation for delivering high-quality outsourcing solutions. Trust in our proven expertise to elevate your business to new heights.
Enabling Sustainable GrowthA Casestudy
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An exponentially growing market player in online marketplace for accommodation.

The Client was at the initial stage of growth having an Organizational strength of 45 people looking to grow to 300 by the end of the 1st year and 500 by end of the 2nd year of our partnership. This exponential growth spurt had been identified as a potential cause for multiple Talent (HR) related challenges.


Driving Cultural ChangeA Casestudy
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An innovative Organization that specializes in product design & development across Industries.

The Client is an Organization that has always prided itself in its ability to constantly innovate and provide beyond the requirements of the customer. The leaders felt that they had reached a level of saturation wherein, the innovation seemed to be lost and the team as such were in a comfort zone. The idea was then to shake the organization.


Redefining Performance ManagementA Casestudy
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An Insurance and Banking Software Solutions Company with 150+ employees spread across three Countries.

The Client is an Organization that had grown to a certain size but seemed to face an obvious problem with regards to Performance. On further analysis by our team, it was identified that the issue lay in 3 primary areas:


Creating Scalable OrganisationsA Casestudy
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Young and growing IT Services company with clients from UK and USA.

The Client is an Organization that believes in constant innovation and addressing client needs before the client can even articulate them. The Client has aspired to maintain a flat reporting structure with an aim to provide its employees the maximum possible autonomy and ownership to make decisions in the interest of the Organization.


Establishing Strategic PartnershipsA Casestudy
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A new-age IoT Organization whose USP was its unique business model in both the Private and Public Sector.

The Client has been in existence for 7 years with minimal outside investment and a strength of ~80 people. From an Organization stand-point, it suffered from a high attrition rate, a strong business-model concept but, a relatively dysfunctional internal operating structure, and struggled in identifying the necessary Talent mix to facilitate its growth and an investment partnership....



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