Young and growing IT Services company with clients from UK and USA.

The Client is an Organization that believes in constant innovation and addressing client needs before the client can even articulate them. The Client has aspired to maintain a flat reporting structure with an aim to provide its employees the maximum possible autonomy and ownership to make decisions in the interest of the Organization.

The organization was Established in the year 2012 and continues to grow in a Tier 2 city of India, while having also set up a new office in Bangalore (2015). As the leadership team planned to expand – in both - business and resources, they were aware that they would require a more professional involvement to ensure the development is focused and the organization does not lose its culture during the growth.


While the client was conscious of the fact that professional intervention was the best way forward, there was limited clarity on the actual scope and focus areas.

A Gap Analysis report was created by G&S after multiple brainstorming conference calls (the founders and directors are remotely located) with the leadership team.

It was also agreed that G&S will not only play the role of strategic HR Consultant for the entire organization but will also be the execution manager for Bangalore location in effect operating as a de facto HR Head for the Client to both its internal and external stakeholders.


The gaps identified were prioritized for action in the form of phases based on the impact and dependency of other programs. some programs were run in parallel with overlapping timelines.

Phase I: HR Operations Set-up

The aim was to establish a strong foundation for the HR function and manage the corporate HR role for the organization. It required focus on HR Hygiene, Compliance, and a structured Talent Acquisition process.

Hygiene and Compliance:

With a highly competitive IT services market wherein, it is an employee’s market, it is imperative to keep pace with the rapidly evolving Employment laws and industry practices. Furthermore, the potential legal and financial impact through non-compliance, while ensuring the company has the right blend of practices and guidelines which are strongly aligned to its Culture and DNA is a very important necessity especially with young growing organizations.


Talent Acquisition:

Identifying the necessary skills required to search, assess, select, and bring on board the ‘RIGHT’ Talent for the specific Role and Culture of the Organization.


Phase 2: Talent Engagement

To keep the Team aligned with the Organization’s Vision and Culture.


Phase 3: Talent Management

Aim was to ensure Performance is defined, measured, and driven in a transparent, structured and objective manner.


Future Programs

Consistently introduce innovative and relevant engagement programs to ensure retention of existing talent With the magnitude of projects and clients partnering the organization growing rapidly, ensuring the hiring needs are identified and fulfilled in a rational manner

Support the development of in-house talent to ensure career development and next gen leaders that understand the expectations of the Organization but who have also grown with its DNA.