Talent Acquisition

People are a sum total of their talent, their experience, and their being. People build companies. At G&S, we understand the need to place the right people in the right position. It is essential for an organization to understand that their growth is associated with the growth of their team. To build a good team requires effort, expertise, and time. 

G&S provides comprehensive expertise in talent acquisition by identifying a skilled person that aspires to excel, and place them in a potentially viable position, ensuring not only personal, but also organizational growth.

With experts who run the talent team at G&S, we take pride in a holistic, strategic, and fundamentally detailed process that brings to you an altogether different experience with talent placement. 

Change the way you recruit. We provide solutions, not fake promises.

Our Approach

Holistic Analysis

Understanding client’s Strengths. Weakness, Opportunity and Threat with respect to their quotient as an Employer

Conceptualize Narrative & Strategy

Identifying Talent pool and creating enticing value propositions to attract high-quality talent


Measure and drive performance through internal metrics mapped against Industry, Competition and our internal benchmarks

Organization Values

Understanding Vision and Mission of organization

Formulate Execution Plan

Creating a detailed execution plan with clear timelines and objective metrics


Monitor progress to calibrate process and approach in consensus with the client