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Build- Operate- Transfer (BOT)

At G&S, we understand the challenges businesses face in optimizing their HR services. As your business expands, finding scalable and cost-effective solutions becomes critical for sustained growth.

Enter the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model—a dynamic solution that stands out for enhancing HR services and ensuring sustained growth. Whether you possess a high-level problem statement or have a defined Scope of Work (SoW) necessitating a finite intervention, the BOT model is tailored for you. Additionally, it proves valuable for those seeking an external perspective to pinpoint potential shortcomings or desiring an exploration of whether your current framework(s) can be enhanced.

With G&S, you are not just adapting to change; you are leading the way in transforming your HR organization for sustained success.

Empowering Growth Through BOT Excellence

Key Features

Discover the potential of your HR services with our Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Contract.  

Experienced HR Advisors

Our team consists of seasoned HR advisors with a wide range of industry expertise. We bring extensive knowledge to effectively address your challenges. 

Tailored Solutions

We customize our BOT framework to match the unique requirements of your organization. This ensures precise and impactful HR solutions.

Long-term Collaborations

We are dedicated to cultivating long-term relationships with our clients as our commitment goes beyond project completion.

Strategic Approach

Our BOT framework is founded on strategic foresight, ensuring that your HR practices align with your organization’s long-term vision for success. We pave the way for HR excellence in your organization, steering growth, fostering innovation, and empowering employees.

Transform HR Services with the BOT Model

The Framework of the Build-Operate-Transfer Model

Phase Build Phase Operate Phase Transfer Phase
Establish the relevant HR Framework and approach methodology.
Implement and manage the HR program for the client.
Transfer ownership and management of the HR program to the client.
Close collaboration between the client and us.
Hands-off approach for the client, allowing them to focus on core business.
Knowledge transfer, and training to ensure a seamless transition.
Client Focus
Tailoring HR programs according to client requirements.
The client focuses on core business activities without direct involvement in HR.
The client becomes self-sufficient in HR operations, taking full control.
G&S brings expertise in HR infrastructure setup.
G&S leverages HR expertise to ensure smooth daily operations.
The client gains expertise through knowledge transfer, training, and support.

G&S Delivers Specialized HR Solutions

Why Choose G&S?

Choose G&S for HR transformation using the BOT model. Our strategic partnership ensures sustained growth through a tailored approach, designing robust HR frameworks, operating daily HR functions seamlessly, and transferring an optimized HR system to your organization. G&S guarantees a smooth transition, empowering your business with a customized, efficient, and sustainable HR infrastructure. Our model stands out with its emphasis on tailored solutions, in-house expertise, long-term focus, scalability, and potential cost savings.  

Choose G&S to lead the way in transforming and optimizing your HR services for sustained success.  

Revolutionize HR with G&S partnership

Enabling Sustainable GrowthA Casestudy
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An exponentially growing market player in online marketplace for accommodation.

The Client was at the initial stage of growth having an Organizational strength of 45 people looking to grow to 300 by the end of the 1st year and 500 by end of the 2nd year of our partnership. This exponential growth spurt had been identified as a potential cause for multiple Talent (HR) related challenges.


Driving Cultural ChangeA Casestudy
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An innovative Organization that specializes in product design & development across Industries.

The Client is an Organization that has always prided itself in its ability to constantly innovate and provide beyond the requirements of the customer. The leaders felt that they had reached a level of saturation wherein, the innovation seemed to be lost and the team as such were in a comfort zone. The idea was then to shake the organization.


Redefining Performance ManagementA Casestudy
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An Insurance and Banking Software Solutions Company with 150+ employees spread across three Countries.

The Client is an Organization that had grown to a certain size but seemed to face an obvious problem with regards to Performance. On further analysis by our team, it was identified that the issue lay in 3 primary areas:


Creating Scalable OrganisationsA Casestudy
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Young and growing IT Services company with clients from UK and USA.

The Client is an Organization that believes in constant innovation and addressing client needs before the client can even articulate them. The Client has aspired to maintain a flat reporting structure with an aim to provide its employees the maximum possible autonomy and ownership to make decisions in the interest of the Organization.


Establishing Strategic PartnershipsA Casestudy
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A new-age IoT Organization whose USP was its unique business model in both the Private and Public Sector.

The Client has been in existence for 7 years with minimal outside investment and a strength of ~80 people. From an Organization stand-point, it suffered from a high attrition rate, a strong business-model concept but, a relatively dysfunctional internal operating structure, and struggled in identifying the necessary Talent mix to facilitate its growth and an investment partnership....



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