Role : DevOps Engineer
Exp : 2 – 5 Years

The ideal candidate loves being the person who interfaces between the dev team and the server maintenance/hosting team, understands technology deeply at both the server level and at the development level, understands where the gaps often are between these two, and is excited about filling those gaps and taking proactive steps to prevent emergencies from ever happening.

This person is deeply familiar with a variety of monitoring solutions (both server and applications), AWS and Azure (nice to have), and is familiar with industry standard security software including scanning, IDS, IPS, and other security focused utilities. He/she should be able to assess IT and security coverage, build process coverage, and help roadmap growth, changes, and updates to keep the system current, modern, and effective.

Many people love server maintenance, others love writing code, but you are excited about the place where these two meet; finding any small detail—whether code, software or data related that could one day become a bigger issue—and taking action to correct course before anyone else has even noticed.
You care about the deployment process, continuous integration, and quality control – some organizations call this role ‘Application Infrastructure Engineer’; others call it DevOps Engineer; either way, you care about the application infrastructure, environment, data, code, and processes. You want to make sure that all the important components of application management are addressed and addressed thoroughly, systematically and cleanly.

You have a strong desire to automate information delivery and reporting, especially about potential issues; ‘preventative maintenance’ is your byword.

Our Client is seeking a full-time DevOps Engineer that, in addition to what is described above:
• Manages and appropriately escalates delivery impediments, risks, issues, and changes associated to the product development initiatives
• Displays technical leadership of implementation and deployment planning, system integration, ongoing data validation processes, quality assurance, delivery, operations, and sustainability of technical solutions
• Possesses excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to interact professionally with a diverse group of developers, product owners, and subject matter experts
• Manages operational aspect of production and development servers including developing, training in, and validating processes and compliance with procedures and checklists related to all aspects of dev ops
• Works closely with cross-functional teams in release planning, preparation, validation, post-release monitoring, and ongoing monitoring.

• 2-5+ years of DevOps or related experience with gradually increasing responsibilities and a demonstrated understanding of DevOps and technical quality control processes, artifacts and tools
• An ability to drive to big picture goals and milestones while valuing and maintaining a strong attention to detail
• An ability to quickly identify and drive to the optimal solution when presented with a series of constraints
• Excellent judgment, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills
• Experience working with quality management approaches, techniques, and principles
• Full understanding of software development lifecycle best practices
• Self-motivated individual that possesses excellent time management and organizational skills
• Strong cross-functional collaboration skills, relationship building skills, and ability to achieve results without direct reporting relationships
• Strong sense of personal responsibility and accountability for delivering high quality work, both personally and at a team level
• Takes ownership and responsibility of the overall company output/delivery