Here’s How You Can Supercharge Talent Acquisition

How to supercharge talent acquisition

Talent acquisition has always been about creating strong talent pools, building a positive employer brand and forecasting future hiring needs. However, changes made to the way companies work have driven new areas of focus for talent acquisition teams. 

The pandemic saw more candidates being reluctant to look for new professional endeavours, making the job of attracting and securing the best talent far more challenging. On the other hand, mass redundancies in certain job sectors led to an unprecedented rise in applicants, resulting in less time spent per applicant and the use of process shortcuts to select which candidates should advance to the next round.

These shifts mean that internal teams have to constantly adapt and evolve to continue attracting and retaining quality talent. In this blog, let us look at key areas of focus for businesses looking to supercharge their talent acquisition practices, and how manpower consultants in Bangalore can help you.

Greater agility

In these unprecedented times, companies should be able to quickly recognize the need to respond to short-term changes in demand and supply. To do this, they need a talent acquisition function that strikes the right balance between cost, quality and agility.

Agility can be improved by:

Identifying talents and skill gaps- Businesses should be able to compile an accurate picture of the skills, capabilities and experience of the workforce. This covers the whole range from permanent employees to temporary employees, contract and gig workers. This may be easy for companies with well-established systems relating to HR data to do. However, many organizations need additional help in establishing what data needs to be recorded and for what purpose.

Forecasting future skill requirements- Businesses must be able to combine manager insight with budgetary considerations and market trend analysis, including benchmarking data from other organizations. The more informed the planning is, the easier it will be to maintain flexibility and eliminate all the associated risks.

Developing successful partnerships- The past year saw supplier relationships become less transactional and a lot more strategic. There has clearly been a far greater need for flexibility in the face of rapidly changing business needs due to the pandemic. Job manpower consultants have become increasingly important as businesses grapple with organizational restructures, recruitment backlogs, unexpected hiring demands and depleting talent pools.

Boosting employer branding- Job seekers are now paying close attention to what today’s companies stand for, and also how they treat their employees. In order to attract the best talent, manpower consultants must be well aware of how their organization is branded and what prospective candidates think about their workplace culture and environment. Employer branding goes beyond a single layer, and there are no quick fixes to elevate it.

The main areas of improvement include:

Transparency- Clear communication about the future as well as ongoing initiatives is crucial, more so during times of uncertainty and recovery.

Employee experience- Higher emphasis is usually placed on a candidate’s experience. However, the way existing employees are treated plays a big role in the way your organization is perceived. Frank and open communication is of the essence as companies take the road to recovery. Good health and well-being should remain a high priority to generate a positive employee experience.

Having the right attitude

Recent research has shown that a lack of skill has accounted for only      11% of hiring failures, while 89% of hiring failures have actually been due to the poor attitude of candidates. This shows that candidates who can adapt to changing market conditions are always willing to learn from their mistakes and master new skills quickly. 

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