What does an HR manager really do? Myths, perceptions, reality

There are many persisting myths about the human resources department in corporate organizational structures. These myths prevent employees from reaching out to HR representatives, or worse still, cause needless resentment toward them. The outcome is detrimental, for both employees as well as the organisation. 

Professionals who work in HR are already aware that these false perceptions can make their jobs more difficult. In fact, there are many HR professionals who have helped to perpetuate these perceptions. 

Professionals who work in HR are already aware that these false perceptions can make their jobs more difficult. That is why, the onus is on them today to take efforts to remove the misconceptions and bridge the communication gap. 

Below are some of the most common HR myths that need to be debunked and lay bare the reality behind them.

1. The HR personnel exist to punish you.

Employees misconstrue HR as the team that is responsible for making strict policies that make life more difficult for them. In reality, it’s quite the opposite. HR is the strategic business partner that is focused on building a team comprising top talent and keeping them positively engaged in the organisation. 

Policies are created to protect the interests of employees as well as to ensure that the business can function smoothly. The motivation is not purely punitive but to enable people and the company for success by ensuring transparent, consistent and mutually accountable guidelines for both individuals and Organization.

2. All they care about is processes and compliance.

Of course, legal compliance is the most basic service HR is supposed to provide. HR managers have to manage risk and compliance diligently by following proper processes in a legal and ethical manner. This is unquestionable.

That said, as professionals, they are required to enhance organizational performance by leading or influencing people, projects and processes. They work to develop policies that are geared toward more inclusive and respectful company cultures that take real human behaviour and concerns into account. They are the ultimate consultants, confidants and coaches who integrate talent into the full scope of business operations. 

3. The HR is always on the company’s side.

HR is often viewed as a pure agent of the company that does not care for employee advocacy. This, however, is not the ground truth. HR endeavours and is expected to uphold the values of the company and take compliance, budgetary needs and strategic goals all in mind, while navigating opposing views and needs.

4. They don’t understand the business.

Employees and managers assume that HR works independently of other departments and it does not fully understand the work and business needs of these departments. Again, that is not true. The HR department needs to know and understand the business closely to realise the particular talent needs and concerns of every segment across the organisation. If the human resource management team wants to be effective at hiring, promoting and reassigning employees, then it must know what each department’s business goals are.


As companies navigate the fast changing business environment, employees need to acknowledge that the HR’s job scope extends much beyond offering continued sympathy and support to all employees. So, keeping the long-term business view and professional growth in perspective, employees should see the HR department more as a support and ally than an opponent. In the same way, business leaders must also integrate HR better in their strategy and planning so that they can contribute constructively to the company growth.

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