How Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) can benefit your organization

Why do you need Recruitment Process Outsourcing? Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is still a relatively new concept for many companies. Some companies may not realize that they have an option to outsource their recruiting process and see tremendous improvement. Other companies may stick to the solutions they know because that’s how things have always been done. […]


4 Future ready Strategies for Talent Acquisition in consultancy Services.

Future-ready strategies for Talent Acquisition process in 2019: The transition to a digital world has influenced every industry. Organizations across industries have had to make drastic changes to their structure, methods of operation, and best practices, in order to facilitate a digital transformation. However, the most important factor that organizations have had to re-look at is the type […]


The Rise and Impact of the Liquid Workforce

What is Liquid Workforce? Corporates are looking at digital innovations as enablers to transform their workforce, projects and entire organizational structure into a highly adaptable and change-ready enterprise, rather than as disruptors, alone. In such an environment, the backbone of any organization is its people who can adapt and assimilate according to the demanding needs […]


Performance Management – Is it Still Relevant?

Employees are what make an organization valuable. For an organization to achieve continued success it needs to ensure performance management that it has the right people, with the right guidance and motivation, working to their full potential. For several decades now, organizations have sought to do exactly this. Under the umbrella of Performance Management Systems, different strategies […]