Gen Z Workforce: Strategies and Tips to Onboard and Retain Youth in a Modern Workplace 

The Gen Z workforce prioritizes work-life balance, seeking employers who offer flexibility in work hours and remote options to accommodate personal commitments and pursuits outside of work. Additionally, they value ethical workplaces, gravitating towards companies with transparent values and sustainable practices that align with their own beliefs and social responsibility. Moreover, Gen Z professionals are […]

How Do Talent Management Companies Match Business Goals with Talent Strategies? 

Learn How to Align Talent Strategies with Business Goals

Competence is the cornerstone of organizational growth. Hiring poses a multi-dimensional problem comprising factors such as employee strength, skill levels, and the sync between work culture and the value system of the employees. The right set of candidates doesn’t just imply professionals who can drive productivity and innovation. A well-functioning cohort of workers also means […]

What is an HR Strategy and How to Create One? 

Often the driving factor behind a company’s success can be attributed to how the organization company manages and supports its people, creating a healthy work environment. Crafting a solid organizational culture is more than just hiring talents with the right skills. It is also important to ensure that talents are aligned with the overarching business […]

IT Recruitment Trends to Watch in 2024 

In 2024, the Indian IT industry is poised for substantial growth, with projections indicating a surge in hiring activities. Following a period of workforce adjustments amidst macroeconomic uncertainty, the industry is set to undergo a revitalization, with reports suggesting a notable 8-10% increase in IT recruitment. Simultaneously, a Gartner report recently has stated that global […]

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: How Talent Management Companies Make the Difference 

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: How Talent Management Companies Make the Difference

In today’s competitive business landscape, the value of talent management cannot be overstated. Companies recognize that their assets are their people. Effectively managing and developing talent can make all the difference in organizational success. Talent management companies can help in transforming good employees into extraordinary workforce for their organizations. With a proper talent management solution, […]

How HR managers can manage the current labour and skills shortage

Research suggests that chief executives have been more concerned about the skills shortage now than at any point in previous years. Indeed, the skills shortage is an issue of concern for employers as well as employees.  This shortage of skilled workforce, especially in the technology industry, is having a negative spill-over effect for many organisations […]

How Talent Acquisition strategy has changed in the post-Covid era

Finding the ideal candidate to fill vacant positions is a formidable challenge in talent acquisition today. Employers are complaining that they are unable to find and retain good employees. The problem has become acute in the aftermath of the pandemic. According to a ManpowerGroup survey, nearly 7 in 10 companies have reported difficulty hiring in […]

What does an HR manager really do? Myths, perceptions, reality

There are many persisting myths about the human resources department in corporate organizational structures. These myths prevent employees from reaching out to HR representatives, or worse still, cause needless resentment toward them. The outcome is detrimental, for both employees as well as the organisation.  Professionals who work in HR are already aware that these false […]

Bring Value to your Workforce – Modernize your HR function

Several developing countries are facing a ‘new normal’ characterized by current economic uncertainty. In contrast, emerging countries are flourishing as the growing middle categories create a new pool of customers.  HR operations not only support the business strategy. They also contribute by developing new staffing models which match the modern workforce, support offshore talent. They are […]

Human Resource Management in Digital Age – Key Challenges, Scope & Possible Solutions

What is Human Resource Management? Whether you’re talking about the advent of Internet-based businesses or the explosive popularity of globalized outsourcing, it’s undeniable that the business landscape has seen massive changes in the last ten years. Companies and enterprises that have existed since then will need to start adopting technology suitable to the digital age. […]