What does an HR manager really do? Myths, perceptions, reality

There are many persisting myths about the human resources department in corporate organizational structures. These myths prevent employees from reaching out to HR representatives, or worse still, cause needless resentment toward them. The outcome is detrimental, for both employees as well as the organisation.  Professionals who work in HR are already aware that these false […]

Bring Value to your Workforce – Modernize your HR function

Several developing countries are facing a ‘new normal’ characterized by current economic uncertainty. In contrast, emerging countries are flourishing as the growing middle categories create a new pool of customers.  HR operations not only support the business strategy. They also contribute by developing new staffing models which match the modern workforce, support offshore talent. They are […]

Human Resource Management in Digital Age – Key Challenges, Scope & Possible Solutions

What is Human Resource Management? Whether you’re talking about the advent of Internet-based businesses or the explosive popularity of globalized outsourcing, it’s undeniable that the business landscape has seen massive changes in the last ten years. Companies and enterprises that have existed since then will need to start adopting technology suitable to the digital age. […]


When is the right time to hire an HR consulting company to manage your hiring and employee management?

In today’s swiftly or rapidly changing  business landscape, business owners are facing greater challenges than ever. Evolving technologies, globalized markets, changing regulatory requirements, and on top of that, competition for employee talent and increased employee litigation: these are just a few of the hurdles that businesses are facing at present. As a business owner or […]


How Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) can benefit your organization

Why do you need Recruitment Process Outsourcing? Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is still a relatively new concept for many companies. Some companies may not realize that they have an option to outsource their recruiting process and see tremendous improvement. Other companies may stick to the solutions they know because that’s how things have always been done. […]